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Google Tag Manager (GTM) Web Audit Tool

GTM Audit Tool is a tool created for Google Tag Manager - Web container only. The tool is designed, created, tested, managed, and owned solely by Tushar Gupta. If you want to use the tool, you need to upload the GTM container to get the report generated. This site works only on desktop for security reasons.

We do not store any information for your container or your container file. Once report is generated and you refresh, everything will be lost and you need to start again. Using this tool is purely upto your discretion.
  • GTM Workspace summary.
  • Tags, their types and counts.
  • Flood Light Sales - Tags Specifics
  • Google Analytics Events - Tags Specifics
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  • How to export a container?
    • Open
    • Go to your container
    • In the top navigation, click Admin.
    • In the Container section, click Export Container.
    • Click Choose a version or workspace.
    • Select the desired container or workspace version.
    • Click Download.
Check Sample Report

Please use Desktop to access this tool.