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New Unified ( Web + App ) properties in Google Analytics - New realm revealed

August 1, 2019 in Google Analytics

Google took a massive step into unifying data coming from app and web. On July 31, Google Analytics introduced a new way to unify app and website measurement in Google Analytics. We now have new unified Web + App properties in GA.

You will find a new property type, App + Web, that allows you to combine app and web data for unified reporting and analysis.

What does App+web property means? How we can use it?

Image Source: Google Blog

In this property you will find reports that use a single dataset of metrics and dimensions, making it possible to see integrated reporting across app and web. You can now see the overall reporting on the ABC : Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversion regardless of the platforms the user at.

Google Analytics now uses an Event + Parameter model. You can associate more metadata with the user interatcion and it creates a new world of data analytics space. It may be a good signal that GA is moving away from the traditional Session/Pageview based analytics and getting more closer to Snowplow / Mixpanel. Exciting times ahead.

As per Google

You can also go deeper to understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across platforms. For example, you can see how many users started on your app then visited your website to make a purchase

Enhanced Measurements

Image Source: Google Blog

This is a new feature where you can activate most common events that you may want to track without any coding or tags. In addition to page views, enhanced measurement allows you to measure many common web events like scrolls, downloads, video views and more with the flip of a toggle in the admin settings for your property.

When it is going to be available?

This feature will be rolled out in Beta to GA 360 accounts first. As per Google

The first version of this new app and web experience—including the new event model and new analysis capabilities—will be available to all Analytics and Analytics 360 accounts in beta in the coming weeks. If you use Google Tag Manager or the global site tag for Google Analytics today, there’s no re-tagging required for your website. To include your app data, you’ll need the Firebase SDK implemented in your app.”

Read about new GTM custom teamplates feature here: Custom Templates : Google Tag Manager

Final Thoughts

It’s still in Beta so there will be many instances of things getting better. But overall these are exciting times, where GA dataset is going to be more granular, autonomous and with more metadata that will enable the marketers and businesses to take wise and better decisions. I am personally very excited to play along with this new feature. Read the Offical Blog from Google.

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